What is Fasting

  • Fasting is giving up food or something else that is hard for a time.
  • Fasting is to remove wickedness, feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, and not push away family in need.
    • Isaiah 58:6-7

How to Fast

  • Don’t tell anyone, because this is bragging.
    • Matthew 6:16-18
    • Isaiah 58:1-5
  • Fasting is not necessary during times of happiness. (Fasting seems to be better during times of intentional growth.)
    • Mark 2:18-20

Why we Fast

  • Fasting isn’t focused on giving up something but about refocusing ourselves from our gods to God.
  • We fast for penance, to express sorrow.
  • Our salvation will be clearer.
    • Isaiah 58:8
  • Our healing will speed up.
    • Isaiah 58:8
  • Our righteousness will lead our lives.
    • Isaiah 58:8
  • God will answer our cries.
    • Isaiah 58:9