Common Problems with God


The following is a listing of our articles that answer the most common problems people have with God.



Why does a good God allow evil?

The Problem of Evil is famous because everyone has questioned, “If God is real or good, why does He allow such great evil?”

  1. Free Will: God allows evil because He wants a world filled with children, not only robots (Genesis 1:26,27). Read more about free will
  2. Sin: Mankind chooses to sin (Romans 3:23), which causes evil. Read more about sin…
  3. Suffering: This evil then becomes a tool used to become perfect (James 1:2-4). Read more about suffering…

Does God exist?

God says that His existence is evident in nature (Romans 1:20). Read more…

Which religion should I choose?

Every religion besides Christianity–Islam, Hinduism,  Buddhism, etc.–has a person trusting in his own ego rather than the perfection of God (Ephesians 2:8-9). Read more about other religions

How can I trust the Bible?

There is a worldwide consensus among Christians that the 66 books of the Bible are God’s Word. Read more about the Bible