q Evidence for God – Answering Problems


God says that His existence is evident in nature (Romans 1:20). Learn about the scientific and philosophical support for the existence of God.


87% of Americans believe in God. Some of the greatest scientists believed in God: Tesla, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, etc.


Personal Experience

Most people believe in God because of personal experience. Instead of asking God for a “sign,” which He’s already given (Romans 1:20), think of your greatest mistake or weakness. Now pray this, “God, I don’t know if You exist; but if You do, help me take away the pain of my greatest issue because I can’t do it on my own.” He probably won’t take away the issue; but, if He does take away the pain, we challenge you to learn everything you can about Jesus Christ.

Supernatural Events

  1. (2020) A woman with a rotting foot is healed by praying to Jesus Christ, and she begins to walk. See before and after photo and evidence of walking without rot. There are many stories of healing in the Pentecostal branch of Christianity, especially in South America and Africa, where people still believe in this (Acts 3:16).
  2. (2000s) The granddaughter of witches would be attacked by demons at night, lifting her as if she was levitating. Only when she prayed to Jesus that she fully accepts Him did the demons show their true faces and leave. There are thousands of online stories of people who have seen demons or demon-possessed people.
  3. (2016) This website’s founder had bad stomach pain for 4 days and bit his nails for years. After a healer at Bethel Church prayed for him, both immediately went away.

Near-death Experiences

There are many examples on Youtube of people who have died, been lifted out of their bodies, and gone to heaven or hell.

Cause & Effect

If you don’t believe that God created the universe, you’ll likely believe that the universe started with the Big Bang, but where did that matter come from if matter cannot be created or destroyed? Any explanation, such as interdimensional aliens or black holes still need to be created. The only logical explanation is that something that doesn’t need to be created did the creating (Colossians 1:16).

Irreducible Complexity

Intelligent Design is the belief that the world is too complex to have happened on accident. The flagellum has “irreducibly complex” parts such that they could not have been evolved.