Any update to this wiki must adhere to the following rules.


  1. H1 header is only the title.
  2. H2 headers are for the Summary, Endorsements, Concepts, and FAQ sections.
  3. H3 headers are used to group subtopics logically, although they can be used as the main concept. There can never be 11 H4 headers within an H3 header.
  4. H4 headers are only used as the main concept. 
  5. Exceptions are allowed for setting rules; exceptions include this page and communication.


  1. Title: This needs to be as short as possible to fully encapsulate a concept but can include 2 juxtaposing concepts if they need each other to be fully understood.
    1. Hell is short and “Love & Hate” is juxtaposed while short
  2. Summary: Include the most important points of the article.
  3. Endorsements: Include the opinions of the most famous thinkers on the subject that align with the article’s viewpoint.
  4. Concepts: These are facts and evidence supporting the title. They need to be logically decoupled.
    1. In the God article, although he is perfectly powerful and loving, because these are separate wiki articles, they deserve their own concept as well.
  5. FAQ: These are frequently asked questions or rebuttals to differing opinions.
    1. Although we want to answer any problem, we want to merge similar questions together, if the answer is the same, so that it doesn’t get too long. In Hell’s FAQ, we merged “Do babies go to hell” and “Do special needs people go to hell” because their answer is similar.


  1. Biblical Evidence: Foremost, every claim must have a Bible verse backing it up that appears to be directly relevant. Never assume a point.
    1. An exception would be if the claim is stating that such a belief doesn’t exist in the Bible, such as, “The Bible doesn’t directly state that spiritual gifts have ceased.”
    2. Another exception is when trying to prove another non-biblical point, but a source link to their belief must be given instead.
  2. Length: The length of any concept must be at most 5 lines long at 10.5 font with a  column size of Post Attributes > Template > Elementor Full Width. (This should be changed to a constant.)
    1. Exceptions include a comparison such as listing Greek words or Bible verses.
  3. Concise and Logical: The goal is to be as brief as possible while conveying the most logical points. This website is not a place for expounding on a concept in different ways, meant primarily for theologians to grow in unity.
  4. Neutral Word Choice: Never use words to artificially bolster your point.
    1. Instead of “It’s very clear that Jesus wants people to be saved” say “Jesus wants people to be saved.”
  5. Plain Text: We never allow bolding, underlining, all caps, or special colors because the goal of the website is to let God’s wisdom be pre-eminent.
  6. Chronological Order: Attempt to list out Concepts by time.
    1. In Righteousness, it starts with basic law, then taking that to the extreme, then why the New Covenant of faith is better and what that leads to
  7. Always Answer the Problem: Sometimes you may not be sure what truly is right, but don’t put into the text options, such as, “We believe either limited atonement or unlimited atonement has their merits.” Simply do more research and praying until God reveals to you the truth. Every counterclaim must be listed in the FAQ.
  8. No Individual Condemnation: See division. Always judge the sin, never the sinner (Romans 2:1,3). Excommunication is meant only for local churches, not public shaming.

Organizing Information

  1. Page Creation: Group pages based on if a concept is a subset of another concept. Separate pages if a concept is just a step of another concept.
    1. For example, justification belongs in the salvation page while good works and faith have their own pages.
    2. One of the primary goals of this site is to have every problem, answer, and verse on the same page to facilitate healthy debates.
  2. FAQ: The question belongs in all relevant pages because most users won’t know where to look.
    1. For example, “Should we judge the salvation of others?” is a FAQ belonging in both the Judging and Salvation pages.

Main Wiki Page

  1. Max one line of text per concept
    1. It can be 2 lines if need to add keywords.
  2. This page includes every major theological keyword.
  3. What determines what belongs in the “For New Christians” and “For Growing Christians” sections is that the word count in the Bible must exceed 200 times.