About Us

Answering Problems is a Christian program under Synergy Ministries, an ecumenical movement to help humble leaders lead accountable, decentralized ministries to unite billions in mature beliefs, as one under Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 1:10; Ephesians 4:13). Many of the greatest Christians strongly sought ecumenical churchwide unity: Billy Graham, John Piper and C.S. Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, William Seymour, Pope Francis, and Martin Luther. We continue their legacy in these 3 ways. We chose these specific actions because they appear to affect modern church obedience to God’s plan the most.

  1. Unity–Many have no desire for Jesus because churches are arrogant and unloving. The best growth happens through united theology (Ephesians 4:13,16). We’ll teach the global church to unite only on the Gospel of Salvation (Titus 3:3-9) and deity of Jesus (I John 4:2-3) and nothing more, while also working for full theological agreement (Ephesians 4:14). Read more about unity and our wiki.
  2. Discipleship–Most churches ignore the poor in their own community (I John 3:17-18), don’t confess their deepest sins to a fellow Christian (James 5:16), and don’t make lifelong disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). Read more about our discipleship program, services program (TODO), and church database (TODO).
  3. Balancing Church Power–The previous downfalls are usually due to bad leaders ignoring Jesus’ decentralized power plan (Luke 9:49-50) or not caring about a lack of order to meet God’s requirements of a church (Titus 1:5). Read more about our Church Accountability System.